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I had sciatic pain on my left side for months. I went to an orthopedist, had an MRI and physical therapy, but it didn't help much. It made me not want to exercise, play golf, walk or even interact with my grandchildren. After coming to Woelfel Superior Healthcare, I was able to play soccer and football with my grandchildren thanksgiving weekend. Not bad for a 68 year-old grandma. -Meredith G.

I was having a stiff neck and my traps were also sore. It made it hard for me to teach classes. It was uncomfortable driving or just sitting at home trying to relax. It made it hard for me to exercise or just be able to do normal functions. Also it made me feel grumpy. I have had other doctors, but Dr. Woelfel was the best and helped my issues. Now I sleep better, am able to train more and sit without being in pain. -Brenda V.

I was having stress and tension in my traps and back area. I also have a forward head posture. It prevented me from sleeping comfortably. After having treatment at Woelfel Superior Healthcare, I feel so great! I have much less tension and stress in my shoulders. I also found out about food allergies and possible thyroid issues which I do have. -Linda M.

I came to Woelfel Superior Healthcare for numbness in the fingers of my left hand. It would wake me up at night and just caused me to worry. After starting treatment, the numbness completely disappeared. Alyssa C.

I was having constant upper back pain and tension, hip mobility issues and hip pain that were limiting my activity. After starting treatment at Woelfel Superior Healthcare, my neck, back and hip pain have resolved. Heidi W.

I originally came into the office because of my history of back problems and was hoping to correct it. I also had neck/shoulder issues which I thought were from stress. I also thought my headaches were connected to my neck/shoulder issues from stress. The problem prevented me from certain exercises at the gym or prevented me from moving things around the house in fear of injuring myself more. I tried to basically "take the pain" no matter how painful it was. Since starting treatment at Woelfel Superior Healthcare, I haven't noticed any headaches. I have less tension in my neck/shoulder area and I don't feel as much pain. The rehab kit I took home and the other therapies are really helping out. -Jocelyn N.

I came to Woelfel Superior Healthcare for pain in my low back, shoulder and neck. I couldn't walk or do household work. My shoulder and neck pain had been chronic for about five years. I couldn't even reach above my head. I used a lot of Advil. I went to my general doctor who recommended surgery. Then I tried the Sarapin injections. My low back took about a week to fix. My neck and shoulder have more motion and some of the knots have gone away. Joan S.

I was having lower back pain which ran down the back of my right leg. It prevented me from running long distances. After starting treatment at Woelfel Superior Healthcare, I learned my problems went beyond my immediate pain and began to work towards overall improvement of not only my back, but my entire body and health. -Jose D.

I was dealing with over 10 years of back and neck pain which made me short tempered and irritable. It also prevented me from standing and sitting for prolonged periods. I saw chiropractors and a Rheumatologist, but no one could explain the source of my pain. Also, doctors would give me many muscle relaxers and pain meds to deal with the pain. After getting treatment at Woelfel Superior Healthcare, I can now understand where the pain is coming from and see and feel progress in less stiffness and pain throughout my body. The entire staff makes you fully aware of your treatment and closely follows your progress. -Joy A.

I have been pleased witth the experience I've had at Woelfel Superior Healthcare. I liked that everything was explained to me in detail about my diagnoses to the type of treatment I needed. My treatment has helped me get much relief from pain I was experiencing in such a small amount of time. Thank you everyone at Woelfel Superior Healthcare. -Karla A.

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  • "Dr woffel made things right and handled my mis Hap with 5 stars. I will and have been using them for my adjustments and massages.
    Thanks Vanessa for going deep:)"
    Andrew K.
  • "I've seen many chiropractors over the years and Dr Woelfel and his team are awesome. Great location, great prices. Hope to continue seeing them for many years to come."
    Viviana T.

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